L.E.G.O. installs new KOMORI H-UV 840P

L.E.G.O. are delighted to announce the installation of a new KOMORI H-UV 840P,  8 colour perfector press ( 700 x 1000 ) at its headquarters in Vicenza. The use of UV inks and UV drying lamps helps to prevent absorption of ink, particularly on un-coated sheets. The result is that the inks dry on the surface of the paper giving a brighter rendition and greater intensity of the colour with less dry back. Added to this there is no off-setting and no sealer is required. Additionally it prevents any ghosting and another great advantage is being able to print effectively on different substrates compared with standard inks. These applications will be particularly beneficial for textured cover finishes when printing on cloth, vellum type papers, and imitation cloths.


Optimal TPS sizes for H-UV press:

240 x 170 mm (P)    210 x 150 mm (P)  160 x 240mm (L)    150 x 210 mm (L)

297 x 210 mm (P)    330 x 230 mm (P)  210 x 297 mm (L)   230 x 300 mm (L)

170 x 170mm (Square)




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