Environmental Statement


L.E.G.O.  S.p.A. strives to continuously monitor and reduce the impact it has on the environment. The company aims to achieve this by adopting systems, procedures and certifications as well as reviewing all processes to minimise the effect it’s activities have on the wider world.



L.E.G.O. is fully FSC and PEFC certified to help encourage the use of sustainable raw materials sourced from responsibly managed forests. Two of our main papers are manufactured at Lake Garda which is within 100 km of both our plants – this means a much lower carbon footprint when these stocks are used.

ISO 14001

This certification addresses the impact of the companies activities on the environment. It helps to monitor how the company complies with the applicable laws / regulations and is externally audited. It also continuously aims to improve standards and minimise impact. One such result has been the installation of the Biomas heating system at the plant in Vicenza which recycles wood from waste pallets.

Imprim’ Vert

This brand promotes the implementation of policies to reduce detrimental activity on the environment. L.E.G.O meets the necessary requirements which allows the use of the logo for it’s purposes as well as use in client publications.


This system allows client publishers to calculate the carbon footprint of their printed products across the lifecycle of the production process including the manufacture of all materials and carbon used in transportation to us. This allows clients to establish the amount of carbon used and enables them to offset emissions, as well as the use of the logo, to certify zero impact of their product.


Staff Training

L.E.G.O. fully engages with all staff regarding environmental issues and encourages active participation in discussions/actions and encourages ideas to help reduce environmental impact.


The use of electric power is an essential element in the production process however this is monitored continuously to reduce usage. At present 40 % of electricity used is from renewable sources. The Vicenza plant operates a Biomass heating system which recycles wood from waste pallets. The Lavis plant uses co-generation for heat and electricity.


Plastic Use

Reducing plastc waste is under constant review and includes the increasing use of paper based maerials as well as sourcing wrapping products that can be re-cycled. It includes supplier reviews for laminates and other plastc based products.


All of L.E.G.O.’s paper waste and trimmings are collected and re-cyled by fully licensed companies.


L.E.G.O. collects and disposes of all waste in full compliance with legal requirements using fully licensed waste and re-cycling companies.
Any hazardous liquids are guaranteed to be carefully collected and stored in special containment tanks. The company undertakes not to use products labelled as “toxic”.


Vegetable based inks are used on the conventional sheetfed presses while mineral inks are used on the web presses.


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