The Complete Jewish Study Bible

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This month’s book features the The Complete Jewish Study Bible which was produced in hardback, flexi and leather bound editions making it a complicated and very detailed project to manage. They were printed on 34 gsm Thincoat on LEGO’s web presses with the binding finishes including rounded corners, gilded edges, a box to house the leather edition and an O- band around the flexi version.

The Complete Jewish Study Bible pairs the newly updated text of the best-selling Complete Jewish Bible with detailed notes and comprehensive study material to help both Jewish and Christian readers understand and connect with the essence of their faith—God’s redemptive plan for his people. Readers will be enriched through this Jewish reading of Scripture and the revelation of the long-awaited Messiah, Yeshua, throughout both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the B’rit Hadashah (New Testament).”

Founded in 1981, with a vision to provide foundational reference works to scholars of the biblical text, Hendrickson Publishers has a strong history of producing Bibles as well as outstanding academic, trade, and reference books. Stepping into a Christian publishing tradition of providing wide access to critical engagement with the biblical text, Hendrickson started by reprinting monumental works from the Western canon that were out of print or inaccessible to students preparing for Christian ministry. Their goal has always been to bring powerful and insightful voices to a broad readership—and to make them affordable to their readers.



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