From small beginnings L.E.G.O. has grown into one of Europe’s leading producers of high quality books working with clients across the world.

legoThe business has passed through five generations and remains a privately run family concern. A key strength has been the foresight to adapt and develop to an ever changing market.

One of the great strengths of the company is the range of books it can produce and the innovation it shows in developing new products. From colour and mono books, right through to finely bound Bibles on lightweight papers, all produced under one roof.

Book production remains a skilled operation and it’s the skills of the workforce that are much valued to this day to ensure books are produced to the very highest standards.

cathyBooks are also about the personal touch so L.E.G.O. ’s philosophy is to strive to provide the highest standards of customer service and attention to detail during the often complex process of producing a book.  It operates across four sites in North Eastern Italy with the headquarters based in the historic city of Vicenza with books from it’s plants exported worldwide.


1920’s – 1930’s

Giovanni and his wife Maria took over the running of the business from his father and began to develop the business into a larger operation. He brought mechanisation to the process of book binding and transformed the business into a full scale plant employing some 150 people.


In 1940 Giovanni’s son Piero combined his University studies with working for the company. He was drafted in 1942 and returned to the business in September 1943 after the dissolution of the Royal Army. He began to develop the sales side of the business and lay the foundations for future expansion.


This decade saw a substantial increase in the scale of the operation with the factory area doubled twice during this era.

The production areas and warehouses built in 1956/58 first doubled during 1963/64 and were doubled again between 1967/68.

This period of expansion directly reflected the improving economic conditions in Italy. With an expanding property market products like encyclopaedias boomed to adorn houses and reflected improved family wealth.

The sales effort was increased and this accompanied by investments into the latest binding technology available on the market allowed L.E.G.O. to become the largest bookbindery in Italy.


Giulio began a process of diversification in terms of both sales markets and the range of products that the company could offer. At the time it was a somewhat unique approach for a bindery to also offer to source the printing element and provide a one stop shop. The company began to develop new export markets across Europe and the USA.
Towards the end of the 80’s the British market was one of the most important markets for L.E.G.O. , second only to the Italian one.


In 2003 the business acquired a new division in the form of Kina Italia – a long established company operating in the tourist sector producing postcards, calendars and guide books.

This decade saw the European book market go through a period of rapid change as books began to compete with the new media formats as well as an increased amount of book printing being sourced in the Far East.
In 2008 the group companies merged to form L.E.G.O. S.p.A – operating as a group brought financial efficiencies and production benefits.

(Picture: construction of the new automated paper warehouse commences).


April, 2016

Installation of a new KOMORI H-UV 840P, 8 colour perfector press ( 700 x 1000 ) at our headquarters in Vicenza. The use of UV inks and UV drying lamps helps to prevent absorption of ink, particularly on un-coated sheets. The result is that the inks dry on the surface of the paper giving a brighter rendition and greater intensity of the colour with less dry back.

April, 2017

Installation of a state of the art Heidelberg large format XL 162 at the Vicenza plant – this press was a significant investment and is an 8 unit large sheet perfector press.

L.E.G.O. Group Production Sites

01_LEGOVicenza Plant
This plant is the historic home for L.E.G.O. and houses one of the most extensive binderies in Europe. Colour printing has now also moved on to this site allowing all processes to take place in one location.

02_LAVISL.E.G.O. Print plant Trento
This newer plant houses the web operation as well as paperback binding. A new automated robotic paper warehouse was completed in 2003 and in 2013 the seventh web press was installed. It also houses the new digital printing area designed to produce short run paperback books and a unique feature is that these books are all thread sewn.


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